A deeper understanding of oneself is required for personal growth. There are some truths that we learn by ourselves, and then there is another kind of wisdom that we gain by working in a group setting.

Therefore, we created an effective two-stage program to guide you through this process.

LEVEL 1: Awakening to Self

The more we are aware, the more we recognise how our beliefs, patterns and attitudes define our experience of reality.

With this awareness, we are in a position to make better, more informed, choices that allow us to release self-limiting or dysfunctional beliefs and practices.

What can I expect from this course?

Mediation training, group work, an introduction to energy awareness, and valuable life tools. This course will give you the structure that Steve has been using with his private clients for the last 25 years. This, in turn, builds self-esteem and self-confidence where learning, reflection, and inner work resides.

What outcomes can I expect?

A deeper understanding of yourself which will lead to greater confidence, essential inner strength, and resiliency. You will use this basic set of tools to start your growth path and it will be the basis of everything we learn moving forward.

LEVEL 2: Awakening to Others
(Prerequisite – Awakening to Self)

Having started by awakening yourself, we further that knowledge by building on it in this workshop. Participants now explore how they relate to others and the world they live in.

What can I expect from the course?

Challenging, interactive group work, assertive communication exercises, and tools to keep yourself centred during difficult interactions.

What outcome can I expect?

A powerful, open-hearted outlook on life. You will be equipped to communicate needs and boundaries confidently and clearly to the rest of the world. The work covers open-hearted relating, boundaries, assertiveness, and loving kindness.

Training in Healing Flow
(Prerequisite – Awakening to Others)

This workshop builds on the foundation covered in the first two workshops. Participants will be equipped with a structured, holistic practice for healing others and will learn how to open themselves as a channel for healing while accurately directing their own energy