Oceans of Light equips individuals with the tools they need to reach their goals, and in doing so, provides your company, programme or organisation with what it needs to achieve its objectives.

Good business owners or employees see the benefit of change and development, and in turn recognise how a healthy company culture creates better business and prosperity. By equipping staff with tools and practices, we create a well-functioning organisation and improve personal effectiveness in the business setting.

Company owners have found that implementing the below tools and practices have positively impacted their business.

  • Mindful leadership; where are you currently and where do you need to be?
  • Building the behaviours that build an effective leader
  • Transitioning from specialist roles to leadership roles
  • The dysfunctions of a team and how to lead in a way that overcomes these challenges
  • Team building and how to function as part of a team
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mental fitness
  • Clear communication
  • Tools to become emotionally capable; resilient; influential advisor; leading expert.

“More than any of the challenges that Steve has helped me with, I am most grateful to him for unlocking my passion for Mental Fitness.

I believe that mental fitness is not acknowledged often enough in our private and work lives. Steve has helped me personally, and in my business, to unlock the best possible life by being mentally fit.

He has helped me be the best version of me that I can be.”

Dillon Jearey CEO Kilowatt AV